The Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center (PSMRC) is at the forefront of steel manufacturing research. The center's cutting-edge facilities cover a wide range of research areas, from steelmaking processes and metal casting to physical metallurgy, thermomechanical characterization of materials, modeling and simulations of manufacturing processes, and the development of advanced sensors for steel applications. As a leading center for innovation and development in this field, the PSMRC partners with industry leaders to create new materials and manufacturing processes for a diverse range of applications. Undergraduate and graduate students are all encouraged to become involved with the steel research group to gain hands-on experience and collaborate with experts. By participating in these research activities, students can develop their skills, contribute to research, and prepare themselves for successful careers in the steel industry.

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Laura Bartlett

Robert V. Wolf Associate Professor

Research Interests

The understanding of melt processing and solidification phenomena on structure-property relationships in ferrous and non-ferrous casting alloys, the thermodynamics and kinetics of high temperature reactions in the melt, solid state reactions during heat treatment, and physical and mechanical metallurgy of irons and steels.

Mario Buchely

Roberta and G. Robert Couch Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Thermo-mechanical characterization of materials (compression, tension, creep, fatigue), Finite element method in structural mechanics, Manufacturing technologies (casting, welding, rolling, forging, machining, additive manufacture), Mechanical behavior of materials at high strain rates, Steelmaking process and technologies, and Welding metallurgy.

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Ronald O'Malley

F. Kenneth Iverson Chair Professor

Research Interests

Steelmaking, continuous casting, solidification & heat transfer. High-temperature physical chemistry, thermodynamics & kinetics. Interfacial phenomena, gas-liquid & gas-solid reactions. Thin slab & strip casting, mold fluxes & slags. Steel manufacture, quality defects & causes.

Jeffrey Smith


Research Interests

Thermochemistry and high temperature phase equilibria of condensed and non-condensed ceramic systems; chemical, mineralogical and microstructural analysis of refractory materials, in particular magnesia-graphite, alumina-silicon carbide-graphite, cordierite and mullite.