The MSE department awards over $125,000 each year in scholarships to ceramic and metallurgical engineering students. All students within our programs, including first year students with a listed preference for ceramic engineering and metallurgical engineering, are eligible to receive scholarships. No application form is required. All departmental students are automatically considered each academic year.

Beyond our MSE department, students are eligible for numerous professional and industrial scholarships. Students interested in these awards need to be active in our student organizations.

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Presently, all graduate students in ceramic engineering, metallurgical engineering, and materials science and engineering are fully funded graduate research assistants (GRAs). GRAs are provided with a monthly stipend, and tuition and fees are paid for by research grants. Interested graduate students should contact faculty who work in areas of interest to the student.

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Missouri S&T provides a scholarship database that contains both an internal list of scholarships offered by the University, as well as an external list of scholarships available from people/organizations outside the University. Utilize the filter on the database website to separate internal and external so it is easier to see the ones suited to you!

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