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"Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies Supporting Advancements in Steel Production and the Shift to Industry 4.0" is the talk title Dr. Ronald J. O'Malley presented at the The 100th Howe Memorial Lecture in Detroit, MI (2023)
Art and science intersect in Missouri S&T’s materials science and engineering department, where researchers are making life-saving advancements on a daily basis in the fields of healthcare, extreme environments and steel manufacturing.
Saving Energy with Steel
Wash heat and fun molds. Heat day at S&T Foundry.
"From University Research to Clinical Use: A Biomedical Glass Story" is the talk title Dr. Richard Brow and Dr. Steven Jung presented at the National Day of Glass event in D.C. (2022)
Emeritus Teaching Professor, Dr. Mary Reidmeyer shares the joys and challenges of instructing the ceramic engineering hot glass shop she established in 2007. Active learning is the framework behind the student's success in the shop.
With several years in industry, Dr. Kelley Wilkerson wasn't planning to go into teaching until an application came across her desk one day. "I love getting to work with the students," she tells CAFE as we take a glimpse into her Fall 2019 Senior Design class. Now a couple years into her unexpected teaching career, she shares with us, some of her joys in being a Materials Science & Engineering Assistant Teaching Professor.