MSE Programs

The materials science and engineering department at S&T offers one of only two undergraduate degree programs in ceramic engineering in the country, and one of only seven undergraduate degree programs in metallurgical engineering in the country. The department also offers graduate degree programs in metallurgical engineering, ceramic engineering, and materials science and engineering.

Ceramic engineering

Involves the study of inorganic, nonmetallic materials; ceramic engineers use basic principles from chemistry and physics to understand how to design new materials at the atomic level, then to process these materials into useful forms.

Metallurgical engineering

Involves the study of the structure, properties, processing and performance of engineering metals; the only such program in Missouri, as well as any of the surrounding states.

Grad Track Pathway

The Grad Track Pathway offers early provisional admission to the master’s degree program to exceptional undergraduate students and is designed for these students to earn coursework credit towards their master’s degree while completing their bachelor’s degree in the same discipline. Learn more.