Materials Science and Engineering Seminars
3:30 p.m. -  4:30pm

Fall 2023

August 24 Dr. Michael Moats, MSE Department Chair and Professor (*Attendance Required by All)  
August 31  Dr. W. Fahrenholtz Curators Professor of Ceramic Engineering, Materials Reseach Center   
September 7 Dr. Matt Draper, Principal for Alloy Development and Processing Technology,Material Certification, Supplier Qualification, and Technology Transition for the US Navy   
September 14 Dr. Lana Alagha, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator Mining and Explosives Engr.  
September 19 Marc Levier  SME 2023 President   
September 28 Nucor  
October 5

Fall Break no Seminar

October 12 Dr. Daryoush Allaei, CEO of QRDC   
October 19 Grad Student Presentation  
October 26 Dan Wilson SINTX Technologies, Inc. Commercialization of Materials  
November 2 Grad Student Presentation   
November 9 Dr. Craig Przybyla,  Principal Materials Engineer, Composite Performance Research Team Leader (AFRL/RXNC)   
November 16 Grad Student Presentation   
November 23 Thanksgiving  
November 30 1:00 - 3:00 Senior Design Poster presentation  
November 30

Dr. Albert Patterson, AP / Manuf. and Mech. Engr Tech, Charlotte and Walter Buchanan Faculty Fellow

Texas A&M "Manufacturability-driven design of structured thermoplastic materials"
December 7 Grad Student Presentation   

Materials Science and Engineering Virtual Seminars
3:30 p.m. -  4:30pm

Spring 2023

January 19 Dr. Michael Moats, MSE Department Chair and Professor (*Attendance Required by All)   
January 26 Dr. Yijia Gu, Assistant Professor Materials Science and Engineering  
February 2 Dr. Qiang Fu (CER '09), From strong bioactive glasses to tough bio-inspired glass-ceramics: a journey towards damage-resistant materials.  
February 9 Dr. Mario Buchely Roberta and G. Robert Couch Assistant Professor Materials Science and Engineering  
February 13 AIST JF Elliott Lecture In-Ho Jung, Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National
University, Seoul, South Korea Computational Thermodynamic Calculations:
From CALPHAD Thermodynamic Database to Virtual Steelmaking Plant
February 16 Dr. Mark Robert Towler, Linda and Bipin Doshi Professor Chemical & Biochemical  
February 23  SOR  
March 2 Zoom Dr. Matthew Maschmann, Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  
March 9 Dr. Charmayne Lonergan, Materials Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  
March 16 Spring Recess  
March 23 Grad Student Presentation  
March 30 Spring Break  
April 6

Dr. Darryl Butt, Dean of College of Mines and Earth Sciences and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering University of Utah

"The Materials Science of Art and Cultural Heritage"

April 13 Grad Student Presentation   
April 20 Dr. Andrew Meng, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Missouri  
April 27 Senior Design Presentations  
May 4 Grad Student Presentation