Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a revolutionary technology that is rapidly transforming various industries, including healthcare and aerospace. With this process, a three-dimensional object is created layer by layer using a digital model, resulting in intricate and precise designs that traditional manufacturing methods struggle to match. Additive manufacturing's potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry and produce innovative products that were previously impossible to manufacture is immense.

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Arezoo Emdadi

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Computational mechanics and material science, applied mathematics, phase-field modeling (crack propagation, solidification, oxidation), phase-field crystal modeling, finite element method, and fracture mechanics.

Yijia Gu

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Additive manufacturing; computational materials science, including CALPHAD, phase-field and first-principles calculations; microstructure evolution for alloys and ferroelectrics; alloy design and process optimization.

Gregory Hilmas

Curators' Distinguished Professor

Research Interests

Processing-microstructure-mechanical property relationships in ultra-high temperature ceramics, in particular transition metal carbides, nitrides and diborides, novel processing techniques for the fabrication of fibrous monolithic ceramics, multilayered ceramics, hierarchically structured ceramics, and ceramic composites.

Jeremy Watts

Associate Research Professor

Research Interests

Ultra-high temperature ceramics, microstructure-property relationships in ultra-high temperature and structural ceramics, manipulation of microstructures and properties through novel processing techniques, ceramic matrix composites, reactive processing.