Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Ceramic Engineering

Ceramic engineers develop ceramic materials and products for a variety of industries, such as electronics, aerospace, healthcare, and construction.  

Consider studying ceramic engineering, where you can explore the unique characteristics of ceramics and their countless practical applications.  

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Degree Information

Our bachelor of science degree in ceramic engineering consists of 128 credit hours. As a freshman, you will be admitted into the foundational engineering program, but you can choose a ceramic engineering preference. 

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Consider adding a biomedical engineering minor to your degree program! With a minimum of 15 credit hours, including an introduction to biomedical engineering course and a variety of electives to choose from, you can gain the skills and knowledge to contribute to life-saving advancements in the field.

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As an incoming student, you'll work toward completing common freshman year courses while acquiring information to help you determine a major and career. During the first two or three semesters on campus, you will take a set of courses that are required by all engineering departments. After successfully completing the common freshmen year academic requirements, you'll formally apply for admission to the materials science engineering department.

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Foundational engineering

The Grad Track Pathway offers early provisional admission to the master’s degree program to exceptional undergraduate students and is designed for these students to earn coursework credit towards their master’s degree while completing their bachelor’s degree in the same discipline.

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What Alumni Say About S&T

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Through the Freshmen Engineering course, I was introduced to the world of Material Science and Engineering, this led me to pursuing my bachelors in Ceramic Engineering. The Ceramic Engineering department was a perfect blend of immersive learning, and practical industry experience. The departments faculty had a wide breadth of subject matter expertise across all areas of ceramic manufacturing and research. The knowledge I gained through hands-on labs, practice presentations, and various professional development opportunities; I graduated ready to operate in industry as a full-time associate.

— Steph Soendker, Kohler

I first discovered I wanted to be a ceramic engineer after attending a Miner Day on S&T’s campus, when Dr. Wayne Huebner showed me several demonstrations of ceramic engineering applications in aerospace, electronics and glass. I was excited by the diverse career paths a ceramic engineer could take, as well as the unique technologies involved. The amount of expertise and one-on-one support provided by the faculty within the MSE department was paramount to my success within the program, and led me to my career passion of working on Ceramic Matrix Composites at GE Aerospace.

— Andrew Jacobs, GE Aerospace

Your Career in Ceramic Engineering

As a ceramic engineer, your work can involve developing various products such as exterior tiles for the Space Station, cathodes for fuel cells, conductive ceramics for microprocessors and solar panels, bioactive glasses for curing liver cancer, and flexible prosthetics for Paralympic athletes. You may even work on lenses for night-vision goggles used by pilots.

Starting Salary

The average starting salary of ceramic engineering undergraduates is $69,106

Career Fields

  • Aerospace
  • Biomaterials
  • Electronic Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Solar Energy & Fuel Cells

Common Hiring Companies

  • GE Aerospace
  • Honeywell
  • Kohler
  • Owens-Illinois
  • Watlow

Photo shows the 3D printer printing the cells onto a lattice in a petrie dish

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