Your career in Metallurgical Engineering

Metals are the most recycled material on earth. Metallurgical engineers focus on the production of metals, metallic parts and the properties of those materials. Metallurgical engineers help make products stronger, more durable, lighter weight and more energy efficient, especially when utilizing recycled materials rather than ores. You will learn about the extraction of metal from minerals, wastes and recycled materials, the design of metallic materials that possess desired mechanical, physical and chemical properties and the production of components from selected metals and alloys.

The average starting salary for S&T metallurgical engineering grads is $72,000.

Where do metallurgical engineers work?

One out of four jobs in the U.S. involves the manufacture or use of metal. S&T metallurgical engineering grads work throughout the country and across the world for aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, metals casting heat treatment, and metals production companies. Some work for government or military research labs.