Graduate Admissions Requirements

All prospective graduate students, including international applicants, must submit GRE scores before departmental acceptance.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial assistance from the Materials Science & Engineering Department may be obtained through graduate research assistantships (GRAs), but they are competitive and not available to every student who qualifies for admittance to the department's graduate programs. GRAs are awarded by individual faculty members based on the information in the applications received by the department.

The following must be submitted before any consideration is given to the graduate application:

  • $55 application fee for domestic applicants;  $75 application fee for international applicants. Must be U.S. currency. No waivers;
  • Official transcripts above high school covering all credits to date
  • Financial Statement (go to ) to cover the cost of training, if accepted;
  • Three letters of recommendation; and
  • Personal statement indicating professional goals, as well as general background information.

All credentials must be received before the dates listed below in order to be considered. Please note that it can take from four to six weeks to process the application before you are notified of acceptance.


Fall Semester - June 15
Winter Semester - December 15
Summer Session - May 1

Frequently Asked Questions  

Note: It is assumed that all applicants to the department wish to receive financial support to enable them to pursue their graduate studies. Therefore, there are no additional application forms that must be completed. Most of the financial support available for graduate students is associated with specific research projects and is dependent upon the availability of grants from individual faculty members. Please note that international students cannot be considered for a teaching assistantship the first semester they are on campus.

To assist students in obtaining financial support all approved applications are forwarded to the faculty members within the department. Faculty members are given two weeks to review each application. When the applicant receives a notification of admission, he or she will also receive a letter from the department indicating the availability of financial support. The applicant will receive one of three letters. If a faculty member has indicated an interest in supporting a student and accepting the student into his research group, an offer letter will be forwarded. This letter will confirm the research area, level of support and information on student fee payments. However, the competition for such funding is strong and not all students will receive confirmation of support prior to enrollment. Two other letters that are forwarded at the time of admission include a letter in which a faculty member has expressed an interest in accepting a student into his group, but which does not confirm the intent of the faculty to support the student. The third type of letter that an applicant may receive indicates no commitment of support or identification of an advisor. This letter is sent to students who meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the department but for which no faculty advisor or funding has been identified.