Frequently Asked Questions for MSE Graduate Program

Please note:  If you are applying for programs within the Materials Science & Engineering Department, please only apply for one degree program (Ceramic Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, or Materials Science & Engineering).  If you are accepted into the department and wish to change programs, you can change it after you arrive on campus.  Applying for more than one degree program within the department does not change the chances of admittance and/or funding.

1.  Where can I go to learn more about the department?

  General information regarding the department, current research activities, faculty members, and their research interests is accessible through the internet at:

2.  What are the Admissions Requirements?

A submitted online application

$55 non-refundable application fee

Letters of Recommendation 

   2 for master's with thesis

   3 for doctoral

Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. All unofficial copies of transcripts and scores can be uploaded to your online application for S&T to review. Upon arrival on campus, you must request that an official copy of your transcript(s) to be sent to us directly from your previous university’s registrar's office and all official scores reported directly from the respective testing agency. Once we receive the official documents, we will verify them. If there are any discrepancies between the unofficial documents you submitted, Missouri S&T will withdraw your admission and you will not be allowed to apply to S&T in the future.

A statement of purpose

A resume or curriculum vitae

Test Score(s):

GRE and/or GMAT test scores.* S&T’s GRE Test Center Code is 6876 / GMAT test code is RWQ-TL-82

* Optional for master’s students applying to Spring 21. Please note that if the score(s) are submitted it will be used during the admissions review process. Since funding opportunities are limited and competitive, students are encouraged to submit their GRE/GMAT scores in order to be able to maximize any funding they may receive.

3.  What are the Admissions Deadlines?

All credentials must be received in the Admissions Office before the dates listed below in order to be considered for the respective term that is noted.
Fall Semester - June 15
Winter Semester - November 15
Summer Session - April 1

4.  What is the institution code for submitting GRE and TOEFL Scores?

The institution code is 6876.  There is no departmental code.

5.  How do I apply for financial support from the department?

It is assumed that all applicants to the department wish to receive financial support to enable them to pursue their graduate studies.  Therefore, there are no additional application forms that must be completed.  Most of the financial support available for graduate students is associated with specific research projects and is dependent upon the availability of grants from individual faculty members.  Please note that international students cannot be considered for a teaching assistantship the first semester they are on campus. 

To assist students in obtaining financial support all approved applications are forwarded to the faculty members within the department.  Faculty members are given three weeks to review each application.  When the applicant receives a notification of admission, he or she will also receive a letter from the department indicating the availability of financial support.  The applicant will receive one of three letters.  If a faculty member has indicated an interest in supporting a student and accepting the student into his research group, an offer letter will be forwarded.  This letter will confirm the research area, level of support and information on student fee payments.  However, the competition for such funding is strong and not all students will receive confirmation of support prior to enrollment.  Two other letters that are forwarded at the time of admission include an “offer letter” in which a faculty member has expressed an interest in accepting a student into his group, but which does not confirm the intent of the faculty to support the student.  The third type of letter that an applicant may receive indicates no commitment of support or identification of an advisor.  This letter is sent to students who meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the department but for which no faculty advisor or funding has been identified. 

6.   What is the process for being accepted into the MSE Department?

After all application materials have been received by the Missouri S&T Admissions Office, the file is forwarded to the department for evaluation.  After the department receives the file, all materials within the file are examined to ensure that the minimum admission requirements have been met.  If a student is accepted, a letter from the department will be sent to the applicant confirming admission.   The file is then returned to the Admissions Office.  Applicants will also be notified of funding, if available, at the time of acceptance.  This process sometimes takes several weeks to complete, following receipt of the application. 

 7.   What are the research topics of your faculty?

  The faculty interests can be located on our website at:

 8.  Which faculty are accepting new graduate students?

Faculty members who are accepting new graduate students is a difficult question to answer since this depends on timing and number of proposals submitted by individual faculty members.  To ensure that the highest fraction of admitted students receive funding for their research studies, as noted above, application packages are circulated to all faculty members.  While most funding decisions are made at the time of admission, active application packages (i.e., those students who have applied and been admitted per department and university requirements), are reviewed on a continuing basis up until the start of the semester for which the student has applied.  This ensures that all applicants are given the greatest opportunity for selection for funding. 

9.  Do I need to submit official GRE scores, transcripts, etc?

  All application materials submitted to the university must be official (i.e., official transcripts must be sent directly from the university to our Admissions Office; official GRE scores must be sent directly from ETS, etc.).  If unofficial materials are submitted, the application can be reviewed, however, it is not possible for the student to enroll at Missouri S&T.  The ETS code for our school is 6876 .

10. I have some difficulty in providing my own financial support for my graduate study. Are there opportunities for me to receive some kind of financial aid, such as a research assistantship?

If you receive an admission letter with no commitment of financial support, your application is kept as an active application until the start of the semester for which you have applied.  Your information will be reconsidered together with all new applications on a bi-weekly basis.   Therefore, there is the possibility that you will receive funding.  If this occurs, you will receive an updated letter indicating this.  However, some applicants make a decision to enroll at MS&T with no commitment of support.  While faculty members within the department actively write research proposals and seek funds to support graduate students, you are cautioned that there is significant competition for these funds among qualified applicants, and typically, such support is awarded to a student at the time of admission.  Hence, if you decide to accept admission, please be aware that you will likely be solely responsible for your own financial support.  For information regarding the cost of attendance, please refer to the projected costs for graduate students at: 

11.  Are there other places I can go for additional information? 

Additional information may be found at the following links:

Faculty Directory:
Departmental Graduate Requirements:
Current Research:

GRE practice tests & information:

12. Where do I send my application package?

All application materials should be sent directly to our Admissions Office as follows:

Missouri University of Science and Technology
Graduate Admissions Office
G-2 Parker Hall, 300 W. 13th Street
Rolla, MO  65409
email address:

13. Where can I find the recommendation letter form?

There is no recommendation form.  The person writing the letter must do so on the letterhead of the company/university they work for.  If a student wants to include it in their package, it must be in a sealed envelope.