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Materials Science & Engineering;
Missouri University of Science and Techology; B37 McNutt Hall; Rolla, MO  65409-0340; Phone: (573)341-7599; Fax: (573) 341-6934;

Dr. Caizhi Zhou

Associate Professor of Materials Science & Engineering


Research Interests

Dislocation dynamics simulations of plasticity; atomistic simulation for nano-materials; finite element modeling of crystal plasticity; friction stir welding for industrial applications. Exploring fundamental material deformation and strengthening mechanisms and improving the understanding of relationship between microstructure and mechanical behaviour.

Classes Taught

Met 218 - Microstructural Development Laboratory
Met 215 - Fundamentals of Materials Behavior

Research Website:  


Selected Publications

R. Yuan, I. J. Beyerlein and C. Zhou, "Coupled crystal orientation-size effects on the strength of nano crystals", Scientific Reports, (2016) 6: 26254.

R. Yuan, I. J. Beyerlein and C. Zhou, "Statistical dislocation activation from grain boundaries and its role in the plastic anisotropy of nanotwinned copper", Acta Materialia, (2016) 110: 8.

R. Yuan, I. J. Beyerlein and C. Zhou, "Emergence of grain-size effects in nanocrystalline metals from statistical activation of discrete dislocation sources", Acta Materialia, (2015) 90: 169.

C. Zhou, C. Reichhardt, C. J. O. Reichhardt and I. J. Beyerlein, "Dynamic Phases, Pinning, and Pattern Formation for Driven Dislocation Assemblies", Scientific Reports, (2015) 5: 8000.

C. Zhou and R. LeSar, "Dislocation dynamics simulations of plasticity in polycrystalline thin film", International Journal of Plasticity, (2012) 30-31: 185.

C. Zhou, I. J. Beyerlein and R. LeSar, "Plastic deformation mechanisms of FCC single crystals at small scales", Acta Materialia, (2011) 59: 7673.

C. Zhou, S. B. Biner, and R. LeSar, "Discrete dislocation dynamics simulations of plasticity at small scales", Acta Materialia, (2010) 58: 1565.

C. Zhou, X. Yang, and G. Luan, "Fatigue properties of friction stir welds in 5083 Al alloy", Scripta Materialia, (2005) 53:1187.


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