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Dr. Jeffrey D. Smith
Professor of Ceramic Engineering

Research Interests

Thermochemistry and high temperature phase equilibria of condensed and non-condensed ceramic systems
Chemical, mineralogical and microstructural analysis of refractory materials, in particular magnesia-graphite, alumina-silicon carbide-graphite, cordierite and mullite.

MSE Research Highlights


Cer 104 Ceramics In the Modern World
Cer 251 Phase Equilibria
Cer 261 Ceramic Engineering Design Laboratory
Cer 262 Ceramic Engineering Design Lab
Cer 364 Refractories

Selected Publications

The Role of Bulk Nucleation in the Formation of Crystalline Cordierite Coatings Produced by Air Plasma Spraying, D.T. Weaver, D.C. Van Aken and J.D. Smith, Materials Science and Engineering A339, 96-102 (2003).

"Cathodoluminescence Mineralogy of used MgO-C Bricks in Basic Oxygen Furnaces," M. Karakus, J.D. Smith and R.E. Moore, Veitsch-RadexRundschau, 1, 24-32, 2000.

Characterization and Recycling of Spent Refractory Wastes from Metal Manufacturers in Missouri, J.D. Smith, H. Fang, and K.D. Peaslee, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 25, 151-169, 1999.

Study of Spent Refractory Waste Recycling from Metal Manufacturers in Missouri, H. Fang, J.D. Smith, and K.D. Peaslee, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 25, 111-124, 1999.

"Refractory Degradation in Glass Tank Melters: A Survey of Testing Methods, M. Velez, J.D. Smith, and R.E. Moore, Ceramica 43, 283-284, 1997.

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