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Materials Science & Engineering; Missouri University of Science & Technology; 284 McNutt Hall; 1400 N. Bishop Ave.; Rolla, MO 65409-0340; Phone: (573) 341-7683; Fax: (573) 341-6934; Email:  omalleyr@mst.edu

Dr. Ronald J. O'Malley

F. Kenneth Iverson Chair Professor in Steelmaking Technologies
Director of the Kent D. Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center


Research Interests

Steelmaking, continuous casting, solidification & heat transfer; high temperature physical chemistry, thermodynamics & kinetics; Interfacial phenomena, gas-liquid & gas-solid reactions; thin slab & strip casting, mold fluxes & slags; steel manufacture, quality defects & causes.




Research Website


Select Lectures and Publications

“Cooling Rate Effects on the As-Cast Titanium Nitride Precipitation Size Distribution in a Low-Carbon Steel”, J. Stock, C.M. Enloe, R. J. O’Malley, K.O. Findley, and J. G. Speer, Proc. AISTech 2013, Pittsburgh, 2013.

“Mold Flux Films and Mold Thermal Behavior”, R. O’Malley, Invited Lecture, McGill University FactSage Consortium Meeting, May, 2013.

“Calibration of Thermal Models of Continuous Casting of Steel”, L. Hibbeler, I Hwang, M. Langeneckert, J. Iwasaki, B.G. Thomas, R.J. O’Malley, AIST Transactions, Sept, 2013, pp. 199-210.

“API Steel Coil and Plate Production”, R. O'Malley, Invited Lecture, Pipeliners Club of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, Nov., 2011.

“Precipitation Behavior During Thin Slab Thermomechanical Processing and Isothermal Aging of Copper-bearing Niobium-Microalloyed High Strength Structural Steels: The Effect on Mechanical Properties”, R.K. Misra, Z. Jia, R. O’Malley, S.J. Jansto, Materials Science and Engineering A 528, 2011, 8772– 8780.

"Fine-Scale Precipitation and Mechanical Properties of Thin Slab Processed Titanium–Niobium Bearing High Strength Steels", Z. Jia, D.D.K. Misra, R. O’Malley, S.J. Jansto, Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 528, 2011, pp. 7077– 7083.

“Equilibrium Model of Precipitation in Microalloyed Steels” Kun Xu, Brian G. Thomas, Ron O’Malley, Metallurgical and Materials Trans. A, Nov, 2010.

“Coil and Plate Steel Production Considerations for API Line Pipe” Presentation at the AIST Pipe and Tube Technology Committee Meeting in Huntsville, AL, Jan., 2013.

“Study on Grain Growth Kinetics in Delta Ferrite and Austenite with Application to Thin-Slab Cast Direct-Rolling Microalloyed Steels” Tihe Zhou, Ronald J. O’Malley, Hatem S. Zurob, Metallurgical and Materials Trans. A, Volume 41A, August, 2010, pp, 2112-2122.

“Everything a Product Metallurgist Needs to Know About Continuous Casting” Invited Lecture, ASPPRC Spring Meeting, Colorado School of Mines, March, 2010.

“The Influence of Cooling and Reheating on the Evolution of Copper Rich Liquid High Residual Low Carbon Steels”, B.A. Webler, E.M. Nick, R.J. O’Malley, and S. Sridhar, Ironmaking and Steelmaking, Vol. 35, No. 6, 2008.

“Tunnel Furnace Operating Issues Affecting Quality”, R.J. O’Malley, Bricmont Tunnel Furnace Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA, Sept. 2006.

“Transient Flow and Temperature Transport in Continuous Casting of Steel Slabs”, B. Zhao, B.G. Thomas, S.P. Vanka, and R.J. O’Malley, Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 127, August 2005, p. 807.

“Some Operational Aspects of Mold Level Control in the Continuous Casting of Steel” R.J. O’Malley, AIST Continuous Casting Sub-committee Meeting, Baltimore, MD, Oct. 2005.