Dr. Matthew J. O'Keefe
Professor of Metallurgical Engineering and Department Chair

Research Interests

Thin film deposition and characterization

MSE Research Highlights


Selected Publications

D. Heller, W. Fahrenholtz, and M. O’Keefe, “Chemical and Structural Analysis of Subsurface Crevices Formed During Spontaneous Deposition of Cerium-Based Conversion Coatings, Materials Characterization 62(11), 1071 (2011).

T. McKindra, M. O’Keefe, and R. Cortez, “Reactive sputter-deposition of oxygenated amorphous carbon thin films in Ar/O2”, Diamond & Related Materials 20, 509 (2011).

S. Joshi, W. Fahrenholtz, and M. O’Keefe, “Alkaline Activation of Al 7075-T6 for Deposition of Cerium-Based Coatings”, Surf and Coat Tech 205 (17-18), 4312 (2011).

B. Treu, W. Fahrenholtz, and M. O’Keefe, “Characterization of the Thermal Decomposition Products of Praseodymium and Oxygen Based Oxides, Hydroxides, and Carbonates”, Inorganic Materials 47(9), 974 (2011).

Jingye Li, Matthew J. O’Keefe, and Thomas J. O’Keefe, “Activation of Non-metallic Substrates for Metal Deposition Using Organic Solution”, Surf and Coat Tech 205, 3134 (2011).

S. Maddela, M. O’Keefe, Y-M. Wang, and H-H. Kuo, “Influence of Surface Pretreatment on Coating Morphology and Corrosion Performance of Cerium-based Conversion Coatings on AZ91D Alloy”, Corrosion 66(11), 115006 (2010).

K. Lian, M. Elician, R. Lempkowski, M. Chason, M. O’Keefe, and J. Drewniak, “RF-MEMs Switches on a Printed Circuit Board Platform”, Circuit World, 36(4), 12 (2010).


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