Materials Science & Engineering Missouri University of Science and Technology 223 McNutt Hall Rolla, MO65409-0340

Dr. Ronald Kohser
Emeritus Professor of Metallurgical Engineering

Research Interests

Material selection, metal deformation, wear

MSE Research Highlights


Selected Publications

E. Paul DeGarmo, J Temple Black and Ronald A. Kohser, Materials and Processes in Manufacturing, 9th Ed., John Wiley, 2003, 1154 pages.
J.W. Newkirk and R.A. Kohser, "Designing with Powder Metallurgy Alloys", Chapter 14 of the Handbook of Mechanical Design Based on Material Composition, Edited by George E. Totten, et. al, Marcel Dekker, 2003, pp. 641-666.

Ronald A. Kohser, "The Interaction of Materials Selection, Design and Manufacturing Processes", Chapter 29 of Handbook of Materials Selection, edited by Myer Kutz, Wiley-Interscience, 2002, pp. 831-845.

R.A. Kohser and C.J. VanTyne, "Forming Processes", Chapter 4.3, pages 4.38-4.60 in The Production Handbook, 4th Ed., Edited by John A. White, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1987.