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Dr. Richard K. Brow
Curator's Professor of Ceramic Engineering

Research Interests

Physics and chemistry of inorganic glasses; spectroscopic characterization of glass structure; preparation and properties of novel glasses for sealing, optical and biomedical applications; characterization of material surfaces and interfaces.


Classes Taught

Cer103: Introduction to Glass Science
Cer122: Characterization of Materials Laboratory II

Cer203: Thermal Processes in Ceramics

Cer369: CER369_110819_Syllabus.pdf Glass Science & Engineering




Recent Publications

Z. Tang, R.K. Brow, N.P Lower, P.K. Gupta and C.R. Kurkjian, “Two-point bend measurements of failure stresses of pristine glass fibers,” submitted to Journal of the American Ceramic Society August 2011.
F. Tang, G. Chen, R.K. Brow J.S. Volz, and M.. Koenigstein, “Corrosion Resistance and Mechanism of Steel Rebar Coated with Three Types of Enamel,” submitted to Corrosion Science, March 2011; accepted with revisions, Dec. 2012.
L. Zhang and R.K. Brow, “Raman spectra and the structure of iron-phosphate compounds and glasses,” Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 94[9] 3123-30 (2011).
U. Hoppe, N. P. Wyckoff, R. K. Brow, and U. Rütt, “Structure of ultraphosphate glasses with small rare-earth ions by X-ray diffraction,” Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 357 2516-2521 (2011).
L.B. Fletcher, J.J. Witcher, N. Troy, S.T. Reis, R.K. Brow and D.M. Krol, “Direct femtosecond laser waveguide writing inside zinc phosphate glass,” Optics Express, 19[9], 7929-7936 (2011).
S.T. Reis, M.J. Pascual, R.K. Brow, C.S. Ray, and T. Zhang, “Crystallization and processing of SOFC sealing glasses,” Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 356 3009-3012 (2010).

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