Career Opportunities

Since the materials science and engineering department has discipline-specific ceramic and metallurgical engineering degree programs, our graduates are in high demand. In fact, S&T offers one of only two undergraduate degree programs in ceramic engineering in the country, and one of only seven undergraduate degree programs in metallurgical engineering in the country.  

As a graduate, you’ll be able to find job opportunities with large and small manufacturers, industrial users of materials, high-tech startup companies and government research agencies.

Companies hiring ceramic and metallurgical engineering graduates from S&T include:

We’re interested in what you plan to do post-graduation

Let us know where you’re working, what offers you’ve gotten, whether you plan on going to grad school or if you’re entering the armed forces here.

Our ceramic and metallurgy graduates work all over the country. Click here for a map of where ceramic graduates are employed, and here for a map of where metallurgical graduates are employed.

Internship opportunities with national labs

Are you interested in an internship with a national lab or the Department of Energy? If so, you should enroll using the following website or check with your advisor:

Once you have signed up, your info will be placed into a database searchable by all national labs and the DOE, including Oak Ridge National Lab, Sandia National Lab, Argonne National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Pacific Northwest National Lab.