Celebrating the Past, Engineering the Future

150th anniversary of the Metallurgical Engineering department

Mining and Metallurgy Lab - Blacksmithing - 1895
Mining and Metallurgy Lab - Blacksmithing 1895

Join us for a three-day weekend celebration of our 150th anniversary of the Metallurgical Engineering department!

Our event is planned for department alumni, industry, and the Rolla and Missouri community on November 5-7, 2020. The theme of the celebration will be “Celebrating the Past, Engineering the Future.” The celebration consists of speakers, tours, demos, and several social events. Our guests will be treated to a festival-like atmosphere as they explore event activities.

Metallurgical engineering and other facilities, such as the Advanced Manufacturing Facility, will host tours and demos; the foundry will be operating along with blacksmithing demonstrations. Science kits will be shown to teachers and youth to promote the outreach portion of the department and to help children discover STEM.

Alumni of the department; industry partners with relationships with the department; state legislators and other leaders; the Mines and Met Academy; and local science teachers and K-12 students are encouraged to participate in planned activities tailored specifically for them. Speakers will consist of national and international level authorities from diverse backgrounds, and they will cover both the history of the impact of metallurgy on society as well as visions for the future of the field. The talks will highlight our department in its quest to become a leading force in the future of materials and the development of technology of critical importance to society.

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We'd love for you to join us for the celebration! For questions or more information on the event, email us at matlsci@mst.edu.