Current Job Opportunities

Nucor Careers

614 859 1343

NUCOR has a number of plant opportunities available for young technical graduates as well as for qualified experience candidates for which Z-Careers does all of their searches.  As we discussed, anyone who you may  know may have an interest can e-mail me with their  resume along with their desired career/job goal(s), I can examine the openings available and then call them to review possibilities to determine if they have any interest. New openings become available weekly as NUCOR has over 11,000 employees- and since in business over 40 years, a number of personnel are now reaching retirement.  

Z-Careers represents NUCOR STEEL as their recruiters. We have a number of great job opportunities relative to steel mill operations.  These areas include engineering, sales, power distribution, electrical project engineer, environmental, finance, safety, maintenance, metallurgical, and design.  Locations are through-out the U.S.A., wherever NUCOR plants or sales districts are located

If you  , or if you know  of someone who may be interested in learning more about these opportunities, please have them contact me at  614 859 1343 or e-mail me at .