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Materials Science & Engineering Missouri University of Science and Technology 223 McNutt Hall Rolla, MO65409-0340 Phone:(573) 341-4709 Fax:(573) 341-6934davidrob@mst.edu

Dr. David G. Robertson
Professor of Metallurgical Engineering

Research Interests

Process engineering of pyrometallurgy

MSE Research Highlights


Selected Publications

1. D. G. C. Robertson, "Heterogeneous Reactions Between Liquid Metals and Gases," Ph.D. Thesis, U.N.S.W., 1968.

2. A. E. Jenkins and D. G. C. Robertson, "Some Recent Studies in the Technique of Dispersed Phase Refining," Research in Chemical and Extraction Metallurgy, Aus. I.M.M., Melbourne, 1-5, 1967.

3. O. C. Roberts, D. G. C. Robertson, and A. E. Jenkins, "The Electromagnetic Levitation of Liquid Metal Sulfides and Their Reaction in Oxygen," Trans. A.I.M.E., 245, 2413-2420, 1969.

4. D. G. C. Robertson and A. E. Jenkins, "The Reaction of Liquid Iron and Its Alloys in Pure Oxygen," Heterogeneous Kinetics at Elevated Temperature, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 393-408, 1970.

5. D. G. C. Robertson, N. A. Warner, and A. E. Jenkins, "Basic Oxygen and Spray Steelmaking, Some Research on the Mechanism of the Reactions," Chemeca 70 Proceedings, Butterworth, London, 54-69, 1972.

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