Materials Science & Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology. B45 McNutt Hall, Rolla, MO 65409-0340; Phone:(573) 341-4406; Fax:(573) 341-6934;

Dr. Mohamed (Len) N. Rahaman
Professor of Ceramic Engineering
Director of Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering

Research Interests

Biomaterials and tissue engineering: bioactive ceramics and glasses; scaffolds for bone and tissue repair; calcium phosphate-based drug delivery devices; ceramics for orthopedics;

Advanced ceramics: processing, sintering, and microstructure control.



Bio Sci/Cer Eng/Met Eng 340/440: Biomaterials I/II (3h)
Cer Eng 242: Sintering and Microstructure Lab (2h)
Cer Eng 331: Ceramic Processing (3h)
Bio Sci/MSE 341/441: Tissue Engineering (3h)

Selected Publications

Rahaman MN. Ceramic processing. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis; 2006

Rahaman MN. Sintering of ceramics. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis; 2007

Rahaman MN, Day DE, Bal BS, Fu Q, Jung SB, Bonewald LF, Tomsia AP. Bioactive glass in tissue engineering. Acta Biomater 2011;7:2355-73.

Fu Q, Saiz E, Rahaman MN, Tomsia AP. Bioactive glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: state of the art and future perspectives. Mater Sci Eng C 2011; 31:1245-56.

Rahaman MN, Bal BS, Garino JP, Ries M, Yao A. Feature article: Ceramics for prosthetic hip and knee joint replacement. J Am Ceram Soc 2007;90:1965-88.

Liu X, Rahaman MN, Fu Q, Tomsia AP. Porous and strong bioactive glass (13-93) scaffolds prepared by unidirectional freezing of camphene-based suspensions. Acta Biomater 2012;8:415-23.

Fu Q, Huang W, Jia W, Rahaman MN, Liu X, Tomsia AP. Three-dimensional visualization of bioactive glass-bone integration in a rabbit tibia model using synchrotron X-ray microcomputed tomography. Tissue Eng A 2011;17:3077-84.

Jayabalan PS, Tan AR, Rahaman MN, Bal BS, Hung CT, Cook JL. Bioactive glass (13-93) as a subchondral substrate for tissue-engineered osteochondral constructs. Clin Orthop Rel Res 2011;469:2754-63


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