Materials Science & Engineering Seminars
3:30 p.m. in 204 McNutt Hall
Refreshments served at 3:00 p.m. in Commons Area

Fall 2018

August 23
 Dr. Greg Hilmas, MSE Department Chair & Professor (*Attendance required by all)
August 30
Dr. Haiming Wen, Assistant Professor, Missouri S&T Materials Science & Engr., "Nuclear fuels and structural materials – SiC, graphite and high-entropy alloys"
Sept. 6
Dr. Anthony Convertine, Assistant Professor, Missouri S&T Materials Science & Engr.
Sept. 13 Dr. Ron O'Malley, Director, Peaslee Steel Manfacturing Research Center, "An Introduction to the PSMRC"
Sept. 20 Dr. Steve Jung, Mo-Sci, "Human Biological Applications for Glass - A Missouri S&T History and Perspective"
Sept. 27 FEF speaker, Mr. John Grahek, Metal Casting Facility Plant Manager of Clow Valve, First FEF Vice President, FEF and What It has Done for Me, a Metal Casters Perspective"
Oct. 4 Professor J. David Robertson, Director of Research, Univ. of MO Research Reactor, "Research Opportunities at the MU Research Reactor"
Oct. 11 10th Annual Thomas O'Keefe Lecture, Dr. Lucie Johannes Sommer, NASA,
Oct. 18 Dr. Jiaqi Duan, Post Doctoral Fellow, Materials Science & Engineering, Missouri S&T
Oct. 25 MSE Graduate Student seminars
Nov. 1 Dr. Kenneth Coley, Associate Dean & Director of Research Centre at McMaster University, "High-Temperature Kinetics from the Lab to the Steel Plant"
Nov. 8 Dr. Shery Chang, Assistant Professor, Eyring Materials Center, Arizona State University, "Nanoparticles: surfaces, defects and the devil"
Nov. 15
MSE Graduate Student seminars
Nov. 29 Senior Design Poster session and Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center semi-annual meeting