Materials Science & Engineering Seminars
3:30 pm in 204 McNutt Hall
(refreshments served at 3:00pm in Commons Area)

Spring 2017
January 19

Dr. Matt O'Keefe, MSE Department Chair & Professor (*Attendance Required by All)

January 26  
February 2  Lauren Hatfield- COER
February 9  Prof. Yongfeng Lu- University of Nebraska-Lincoln
February 16  Sonya Snyder- Nucor
February 20  Special GE Seminar, speakers Tim Rick & Jim Steibel  (4:00 PM, 216 McNutt)
February 23  Dr. Delbert E. Day
March 2  Leslie Gertsch
March 9  Kamalesh Mandal- Steel Dynamics
March 23  Lance Sworts- Alcoa
April 3 Special Seminar, Bill Lee (Imperial College in London) 3:30 PM, 206 McNutt
April 6  Mingzhi Xu- Missouri University S&T
April 7 Special MSE 5010 Grad Students Seminar (12:00pm-2pm, 210 McNutt)
speakers Maalavan Arivu, Jincheng Bai, Mohsen Beyramali Kivy & Arezoo Emdadi
April 13  Olga Shenderova
April 20  Golick Lecture- Alan Taub (University of Michigan)
April 27  Narayan Pottore- ArcelorMittal